I'm Erin and I run this joint. Too strong? Okay, well I'm the writer/photographer/creator-of-things here at Lavender Honey. 

In my short 27 years I've lived a number of places (South Dakota, Chicago, Nebraska, Barcelona, Austin), changed my major a handful of times (Magazine Journalism, Photography, Architecture, International Studies, Urban Planning), and worked various odd jobs (photo-retoucher, organic urban farmer, Gatorade girl at outdoor roller hockey rink on beach). Now I live with my fiancé, Chris, and our cat, Juliana, in a neighborhood called Ballard in Northwest Seattle where I'm learning to sew and design my own clothes. Random, I know.

Just when I think my randomness has the best of me, I visit my older sister who always keeps root beer, string cheese, and green grapes in her fridge just for me. 

"I know they're your favorites," she says with a shrug and a smile.

And they are. Perhaps I'm more predictable than I thought.

Lavender Honey is intended to be a place where I'm free to develop my own voice, whether that voice be written, photographed, knit, sewn, or eaten. You're a stranger here but once, as they say, so come by often and stay as long as you'd like!

I bake in a baking room off of our kitchen and work in the shed in our backyard, all with the help of Juliana (aka The Creature/Gataface Killah). Click on the images below to see more of her and my workspaces:

Our Creature, the Gataface Killah

The Baking Room

The Shed