WedWed - Wedding Wednesday {23}
Aug 10, 2011
Erin Bolton

The invitations went out last Friday! I still have a few remaining, but the vast majority are out there in the world. Hooray! 

When I began my initial invitation sketches, Chris expressed to me that all he really, really wanted was a conifer tree on our invites. I set out to make that happen. Using my WedWed invitation inspiration post, I created a conifer tree in Adobe Illustrator that I then repeated, scaled and flipped in order to create variation in the forest. From there, I turned to my wedding palette for color choice and to my new favorite font Strange Love for the typography. My goal was to have our invitations feel handmade, light-hearted, and welcoming. We chose to keep the invitation suite simple: the invite itself, an RSVP postcard, and a business card with the wedding website URL for more details. 

Here's a close-up of the invitation itself:   

Before the invitations went out, we had to create the website. Every couple has things they like to do together; some couples read books, ride bikes, and travel. In addition to traveling and cooking with one another, Chris and I enjoy designing together. Things like websites are perfect for us to work on as a team. I generate the wireframes, meaning that I set up what I think is a good layout for the website based on what the two of us discuss. Then, once we've agreed on the wireframes,  I create the graphics such as the headers, images, and illustrations. From there Chris does the hard stuff - he actually builds it and makes it function properly. He worked extremely hard on this website - even writing all the content while I was at my fabulous bachelorette party - and I am very thankful. 

Here are some screen shots of the site:

Good work Chris!!

In the end I would say that, while at times stressful, creating our own invites was certainly the way to go and it's my hope that they were well received.  

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