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Aug 12, 2011
Erin Bolton

The lilies are blooming again, filling the backyard with their heavy sweet fragrance. Well, heavy as far as floral scents go.

Living in a house long enough to see the same flowers bloom each year is a good way to keep time in check. Last year, when they started to grow, I had no idea that our garden had lilies and was fascinated by them because they were taller than I am. Maybe even taller than Chris but I'd have to verify that for you. 

The hydrangeas are also looking gorgeous right now. This is the first hydrangea plant I've been able to keep alive. After a stint of bad luck with them in Austin, I finally broke down and bought another last spring. We've had our share of disagreements this year - It hated being next to the shed, then fussed about being next to the ferns. It almost died there actually. As a last resort I moved it to the bench near the porch and it's loving' life there.    

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

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