Image{s} of the week

A "Hummingbird Haven" in progress:

My hair is getting too long to use a camera without a ponytail holder.

I also planted Chris a "pizza garden" for his birthday that, in addition to things like oregano, basil, and thyme, included some of his favorites like swiss chard and lettuce for his daily sandwich. 

Images taken with a Canon Rebel XTi.


a color story

An image of our entry taken one lazy Sunday afternoon:

The hazy light has captivated my mind ever since.


WedWed - Wedding Wednesday {20}

It's likely that if you've seen any of my garden-centric "images of the week" posts (such as this one, oh and this one too!), you've safely assumed I love flowers. 

Our irises are blooming - I can't get over their color! 

When it came to our wedding, carefully selecting a floral designer proved to be a task with an obvious outcome - I came across McKenzie Powell of McKenzie Powell Designs and I knew she was the designer I was looking for. I didn't even contact anyone else!

images above via McKenzie Powell Designs.

Not only are her designs elegant and light-hearted, but her engaging, jovial attitude makes working with her a delight. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with for our wedding! Until then, however, I'm going to keep ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the arrangements she posts on her blog... 


sunny spring evening on the deck

With weather this nice, it's no wonder I've had a hard time sitting and blogging!


image{s} of the week

When I opened my eyes this morning, this is what I saw...

That's Porter! He's staying at our house this weekend while our friends/his owners Alyssa and Mike are out of town. It's been quite a trip the last couple days with both a puppy and the Killah around. Mostly our days have comprised of a game I named "Creature Train." The game is simple: I walk to-and-fro and, no matter what, I have two creatures following close behind. I feel like I'm Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - I throw my arms out and animals just flock to me from all corners of the house.

image via

This morning, we had a Devastation sequel on our hands (this time of an octopus rather than a squirrel/mouse). I don't think that the Killah was too upset.

Devastation II

Check out Jules mean-muggin' Porter from the red chair for playing with her toy (bottom left). 

Oh man, what a guy.